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"Other" Clever Uses for Onions

Slice an onion to shine cutlery, clean grills, overcome paint smells, and perform other non-cooking miracles.

Onions are great for sautéing, but the vegetable also is a cheap and effective green cleaner, mosquito repellent, and deodorizer -- just a few non-cooking jobs onions can do.

1. Polish Cutlery

Give metal cutlery a new shine and remove rust by scrubbing with onion slices or a paste of crushed onion and water.

2. Clean Gunky Pots

Scrub a burned or gunky pot with half an onion, and then let it soak in the onion juice. Wash as usual and the mess comes up easily.

3. Shine Grills

Heat the grill, then spear a half onion with a fork and glide it over the grates to remove grease and charred bits of food.

4. Absorb Paint Smells

Place a bowl of sliced onions and water in a freshly painted room to absorb the stinky odor.

5. Repel Bugs

Rub a cut onion over your skin to keep bugs (and people) at bay. To make a non-toxic rose spray that repels red spiders and aphids, mix a mashed onion with equal parts water, strain, and spray.

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